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Our services include:

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Courier service available
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Why Hire a Chauffeur Driven Car:

We thought that we would start our occasional blog with the obvious question - Why should you use a chauffeur driven car?

Of course, there can be a number of reasons why you choose to hire a chauffeur driven car but one of the main reasons is comfort and the simplicity of getting from A to B, especially after perhaps a long flight. In fact, one of the most popular times to hire a chauffeur driven car in Nottingham and the East Midlands is after a long flight that arrived at East Midlands Airport. Of course, many people also hire one to travel to the airport so that they arrive in good time unflustered and ready for their flight.

But, it is perhaps for those coming off a lengthy flight that the appeal of hiring a chauffeur driven car is the strongest. With the possibility of jetlag or at the very least, tiredness setting in, the last thing that most people want to do is to drive a hired car, especially with the added challenge of the likelihood of driving on a different side of the road that you are used to. As well as the increased chances of accidents, it is certain to raise the stress levels.

Taxis are, of course, an option, however, they are not always available when needed and if you only have a vague idea of where you are going, there is also the strong possibility that the taxi driver will ask you for directions; not what you need when you are tired.

Contrast the above with the knowledge that there will be a chauffeur driven car waiting for you at East Midlands airport to take you to your destination in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester or any other part of the East Midlands that you may wish to go to.

You will be greeted by the driver and then be able to relax in one of 1st Class Chauffeur drive's new E Class Mercedes; the height of comfort. You may choose this time to make some important business phone calls or emails or to simply catch up on some sleep or perhaps rest, looking at the scenery that the East Midlands has to offer.

By hiring our chauffer driven cars to travel to and from Nottingham and the East Midlands Airport, you can be sure that you will have a relaxed journey and arrive at your destination fully relaxed and prepared for the day ahead, something that could not be said if you rely on public transport or even a taxi.

1st Class Chauffeur Drive Accept Credit Card Payments

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